Can honey be excreted through breast milk

An apparently well baby girl born at term was presented with signs and symptoms suggestive of acute onset of generalised floppiness at the age of 3 months. Clinically, the baby had lower motor neuron type of muscle weakness; detailed investigation lead to the diagnosis of neuromuscular junction disorder secondary to botulism toxicity. Further tests confirmed the botulism toxicity secondary to honey ingestion. The baby was treated with specific anticlostridium antibodies; she recovered remarkably, now growing and developing normally.

Is it safe for a breastfeeding mom to eat honey? | BabyCenter

According to experts and doctors, it is perfectly safe for pregnant women to eat honey. Of course, this should be done in moderation and as part of a balanced healthy diet. Honey is safe and healthy to be consumed while breastfeeding. This is harmful to the infant only when there is direct consumption of honey. These spores are not transmitted through breastfeeding to the child.

Common breastfeeding myths

But, as luck would have it, many foods considered to be off limits are actually safe to eat while breastfeeding. Some of the most common myths about foods to avoid while breastfeeding include:. And gas does not pass into the blood. Eating a range of foods, including spices, will help introduce your baby to new flavors, hopefully making him or her a more adventurous eater in the future. La Leche League even reported a study showing babies consumed even more milk when it was garlicky Menella and Beauchamp
Every parenting book, veteran mom, and pediatrician today will tell new moms that "breastfeeding is best", discouraging her to even think briefly about formula feeding. Research has shown the wonders breastfeeding can do for the mom and the baby, especially health wise. Babies fed breastmilk have a slimmer chance of developing cancer and diabetes later in life for example, and so do moms who breastfeed too. There's the higher IQ thing to consider, and the immune system built to fight off infections.
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