Why do your boobs get sore

Breast soreness is very common. It affects most women at some time in their lives. The degree of soreness, and where and how it is felt, differs for each woman. It might be sharp, stabbing, dull, throbbing or aching. It might be felt in all or part of the breasts, one breast or both.
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What Causes Sensitive Breasts and How Is It Treated?

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Sore Breasts - 5 Reasons Your Boobs Hurt

Like most parts of the body, breasts can be sore from time to time. Not only for girls, but for guys too. You may be worried about your body's development, about what causes breast soreness, and even about cancer. If you're a girl, you may have noticed a slightly sore feeling when you wash your breasts in the shower. Or maybe you felt an ache when you've rolled onto your stomach in bed.
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5 Reasons Your Boobs Are So Damn Sore Right Now

The menstrual cycle can cause many symptoms, including sore breasts. Hormone fluctuations before a period can lead to breast tenderness or pain. Doctors do not fully understand what causes these breast symptoms, but they know that specific hormones are involved.
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Although women are more likely to experience sore breasts, this can affect anyone who has breast tissue. Breast pain is rarely a symptom of cancer, and there are several reasons why perfectly healthy breasts may start to hurt. One of the most common causes of breast pain is an ill-fitting bra. A bra that is too big, too old, or too stretched out may not provide the support you need.
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