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The thumb is the first of the hand's five digits, but it is typically not referred to as a finger. The thumb possesses a unique and wide range of motion not shared by the hand's other digits. Not only does it bend its knuckle, but the tip of the thumb can touch the tips of the fingers. This range of motion greatly assists in the ability to grasp and hold items. Anatomically, the thumb is compromised of the metacarpal connected to the trapezium, a carpal bone in the wrist.
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Hand Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Signs and Symptoms

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Hand - Wikipedia

There are a number of key signs and symptoms practitioners look for when diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis in the hand and wrist, including but not limited to:. Hand joint swelling RA triggers an inflammatory response that results in a buildup of synovial fluid as well as a thickening of joint tissue in fingers and wrists. The swollen joints may feel tender to the touch. Symmetrical inflammation In contrast to osteoarthritis and many other forms of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis usually affects both sides of the body equally. For example, inflammation may occur in both the right and left wrists at the same time. Stiffness is often worst in the morning or after periods of inactivity.
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Basal thumb arthritis

Background Thumb arthritis at the carpometacarpal CMC joint is one of the most common sites of arthritis, especially in women. Thumb arthroplasty is an effective method of relieving pain and improving function. Materials and Methods Qualitative and quantitative outcomes were assessed clinically and radiographically in 58 patients 66 thumbs with thumb basal joint arthritis limited to the trapeziometacarpal joint, treated with hemiresection arthroplasty of the trapezium, flexor carpi radialis FCR ligament reconstruction, and allograft costochondral interposition graft. Description of Technique The thumb CMC joint arthroplasty is performed using an FCR tendon for ligament reconstruction combined with removal of the distal half of the trapezium, which is replaced with a life preserver-shaped spacer that is carved out of allograft cartilage. Important improvements in web space with increased palmar and radial abduction and grip and pinch strength measurements were observed.
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Basal thumb arthritis is a common condition seen in hand clinics across the United Kingdom and is often associated with other pathological conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and scaphotrapezial arthritis. Typically, patients complain of pain localised to the base of the thumb. This pain is often activity related, particularly after excessive use involving forceful pinch.
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