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Mastitis Mastitis is when your breast becomes red, hot and painful. It's most common in breastfeeding women, but women who are not breastfeeding and men can also get it. Check if you have mastitis Mastitis usually only affects 1 breast, and symptoms often come on quickly. They include: a red, swollen area on your breast that may feel hot and painful to touch a wedge-shaped breast lump or a hard area on your breast a burning pain in your breast that might be constant or only when you breastfeed nipple discharge , which may be white or contain streaks of blood You may also get flu -like symptoms, such as aches, a high temperature, chills and tiredness. Things you can do Do soak a cloth in warm water and place it on your breast to help relieve the pain — a warm shower or bath may also help rest and drink lots of fluids take paracetamol or ibuprofen to reduce any pain or fever if you are breastfeeding, continue to breastfeed start feeds with the sore breast first express milk from your breast in between feeds massage your breast to clear any blockages — stroke from the lumpy or sore area towards your nipple to help the milk flow Don't do not wear tight-fitting clothing or bras until you feel better do not take aspirin Non-urgent advice: See a GP if: you do not feel better within 24 hours despite continuing to breastfeed you get mastitis and you are not breastfeeding your symptoms do not get any better 48 hours after taking antibiotics Treatment for mastitis from a GP A GP will usually prescribe antibiotics. If you're breastfeeding a very small amount of the antibiotic may go into your breast milk.
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Mastitis and what to do about it

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Mastitis: Treatment, causes, and symptoms

Continuing to breastfeed when experiencing a sore breast, plugged duct or breast infection will speed recovery. Nursing frequently helps to provide comfort, reduce inflammation and encourage opening of the blocked area. Many mothers find that varying breastfeeding positions drains all areas of the breast more effectively. Rest is an important component in recovery from sore breasts, plugged ducts or breast infections. Try resting in bed with your baby cuddled next to you. Link safe sleep post This will also encourage frequent breastfeeding sessions to drain your breast.
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Mastitis While Breastfeeding

Share on Pinterest Mastitis occurs in around 10 percent of breast-feeding mothers. The first line of treatment is self-help remedies, such as ensuring that the breast is drained properly during feeds. A doctor may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. They will also recommend techniques to treat the blocked duct, if this is the cause.
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Mastitis Mastitis Mastitis, which mainly affects breast-feeding women, causes redness, swelling and pain in one or both breasts. Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves an infection. The inflammation results in breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness. You might also have fever and chills.
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