Medicaid payments sex offender treatment

Advertisement The comptroller also found that Medicaid made payments for erectile dysfunction drugs that are approved to treat other medical conditions, like benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH and pulmonary arterial hypertension PAH. The audit noted that significant percentages of those prescribed erectile dysfunction drugs approved to also treat BPH or PAH may not have had diagnoses of either condition. One case was deemed indeterminate. The audit further found that managed care organizations made most of the payments and that Medicaid laws and policies are inconsistent, with state policy prohibiting payment of erectile dysfunction drugs for treatment of BPH under fee-for-service, but allowing it under managed care. The audit recommended that the Department of Health: review payments identified in the audit and ensure recoveries are made appropriately; regularly provide managed care organizations with lists of all erectile dysfunction drugs, procedures and supplies that are excluded or have limited Medicaid coverage; periodically monitor coverage, utilization and payment of such drugs, procedures and supplies; and take corrective actions.

Medicaid bought sex offenders’ erectile dysfunction drugs

Audit: New York’s Medicaid program paid for sex offenders’ erectile dysfunction drugs

On Thursday, Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia, a Democrat, issued an emergency order to stop the payments after the state's Department of Medical Assistance Services found that more than 50 registered sex offenders in Virginia had received Viagra and similar drugs through Medicaid in the last year. In California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, directed state agencies to stop providing such ex-convicts with the drugs. Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

New York's Medicaid bought erectile drugs for sex offenders

While the state Department of Health immediately followed up to make corrections during the course of our audit, our auditors found that the problem persisted and needed to be fixed. Given the risk to public safety, the review sparked an overhaul of legislation at the federal and state levels to ensure such drugs are not paid for by Medicaid. Current federal and state laws prohibit Medicaid from paying for drugs to treat sexual or erectile dysfunction for Medicaid recipients, including registered sex offenders. State law additionally prohibits payment for procedures or supplies to treat ED for registered sex offenders.


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