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Tygerberg Hospital, Stellenbosch University, South Africa Not reported Penis amputee failed ritual circumcision , age 21 years Referred to other composite tissue transplants hand and face transplants Full sexual and urinary function Open in a separate window MMF:Mycophenolate mofetil; Pred:Prednisone; CsA:Cyclosporine The agents of immunosuppression used for penile transplantation may be complicated because of composite tissue allograft. In the first penile transplantation, 9 pre and intra-operative immunosuppressive induction regimens were administered [50 mg of Zenapax, mg of mycophenolate mofetil MMF at 1. Transplanted penile shaft 2 weeks postoperatively, amputated because of a psychological problem showed no rejection under microscopy as reported; however, only the finding in microscopy was not considered for graft acceptance. Immunosuppressive agents used in another penile transplantation, according to media statement, 17 referred to face and hand transplantations, but no detailed information was reported. Penile transplantation is unlike other organ transplantations that, to some extent, are life-saving; however, it is certainly life-changing.

Botched Circumcision Leads to $31 Million Award

Botched Circumcision Leads to $31 Million Award

In the past, these suits have not always fared well in the courts but the situation seems to be changing in the United States and in other English-speaking countries. Young men for the first time are suing for damage done to them as infants. New theories of law are being advanced and old ones are being dusted off, although the success of these theories remains to be seen. What is the prospect for the future of genital injury litigation as the public becomes more aware of the damage caused by circumcision?

A Penis Fracture and an Emergency Room Oversight

When the parents took the infant in for the procedure, they were certain that they were doing the right thing — after all, approximately two-thirds of all boys in America are circumcised. What should have been a simple procedure turned into a nightmare. Over the years that the boy has had to live with the outcome of the botched procedure, the boy has faced many emotional and physical issues, such as chronic scabbing, according to his parents. The boy is also expected to suffer long-term trauma due to the deformed penis that was caused by the botched circumcision.
Active Comparator: Immediate repair group 1 Penile explorations were done within 24 hours of presentation, under general or spinal anaesthesia. Repair-- Continuous technique with inverted knots using polyglactin suture. All patients were discharged from hospital within 24 hours.
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