Warm pee in pants

Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash I peed my pants in 8th grade. I can still see her wavy black hair and the glasses that shielded her malevolent eyes. I can still hear the sound of my corduroys rubbing the skin off of my inner thighs on the walk home. Millikan Junior High seemed like an unsolvable maze to me.
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How To Keep Urine (Pee) Warm

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I Peed My Pants in 8th Grade — Jonathan Greene

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I Peed My Pants in 8th Grade

Siple Dome field camp, Antarctica. Gender barriers in science don't always take an obvious form, and they get especially perilous in below-zero temperatures. If we continue ignoring those additional challenges by striving for equality instead of equity, the barriers will persist. The following week I would be flying to a remote part of Alaska to characterize peak snow in our study watershed.
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How long does pee stay warm? Urine will rapidly drop in temperature once it has left the body and will be in the right temperature range for approximately four minutes — see below. Why is it important to keep urine at body temperature? This is the first test labs carry out to see whether a sample is valid or not. In this way, test labs can quickly discard false samples that are clearly fakes as they fall outside a specific temperature range, being either warmer or cooler than required.
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