Lesbian discourse

English Abstract This article provides an analysis of two texts written from a lesbian subject position at different points in recent history, to show how the authors construct non- normative ingroup representations. The study is based on theoretical notions from discourse theory, queer theory and social cognition research, and uses a mostly data-driven analytical approach. The two texts, a manifesto and a journal article, are investigated to see how they use nomination and predication to construct in- and out-group representations, to what extent these identities are non-normative and why they are constructed in this particular way. Results show a stark demarcation of a positive, non-complex in-group from a negative, equally non-complex out-group in the earlier text, which contrasts with a more differentiated and less uniformly positive in-group representation in the later text.
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Masculinity in lesbian discourse: the case of butch and femme - Nottingham ePrints

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Transnational Discourses and Circuits of Queer Knowledge in Indonesia Evelyn Blackwood bio Global lesbian and gay liberation discourse contains within it progressive narratives of the development of modern sexual identities. In Padang, West Sumatra, tombois and their girlfriends, who identify themselves as masculine and feminine, respectively, access global circuits of queer knowledge and see themselves as part of a global community, but maintain subject positions that are distinct from the identities promoted and encouraged by activist lesbian organizations in Indonesia. The queer discourses that I interrogate here are those promoted by international lesbian and gay, or more recently LGBT, organizations, which are oriented to Western queer knowledge and the queer political movements of the United States or Europe, and queer discourses that circulate in the global ecumene among activist networks and identity-based communities and organizations. These discourses are not separate and distinct but intersect in many intriguing and contradictory ways to produce a transnational queer discourse that is multiple and disparate, shaped [End Page ] by asymmetries of race, class, and gender, and reconstituted into particular subjectivities that do not fit neatly into Western-defined identity categories. American moment in time.
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LGBT linguistics

Nicole Maines from Supergirl: I saw her on Ellen recently and she seems exactly like a cis woman. Same goes with Jazz Jennings and transwomen who had this similar thing. I dont think i could differentiate them with those who transitioned at a later age- you can tell they are males right away. I want to hear your opinions.
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Main article: Gay male speech Linguistics research, particularly within North American English , has revealed a number of phonetically salient features used by many gay men, some of which adhere to stereotypes. Studies have repeatedly confirmed that male American English speakers are recognized as gay by their speech at rates above chance. Many gay speech characteristics match those that other speakers use when trying to speak especially clearly or carefully, including over- enunciating and widening the vowel spaces in the mouth. The notion that some gay male speech entirely imitates women's speech is inaccurate, though certain vocal qualities are certainly shared between the two speech styles.
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