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As she gears up to return to screens with Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, we take a look back at the evolution of her changing face. Lindsay Lohan's set to return to screens in January with her new MTV show, Beach Club - and the trailer for the series left us feeling all nostalgic. But since bursting into the spotlight back in , it's not just her off-camera image which has changed beyond recognition. We asked one of the top surgeons at MYA Cosmetic Surgery to reveal exactly what she has - and hasn't - had done since she won an army of fans in the Parent Trap 20 years ago. From her nose to her boobs, here's what the experts say about Lindsay's transformation Considering images of Lindsay, I would assume that she has requested a natural shape in proportion to her frame," the surgeon suggests.

Secrets of Lindsay Lohan's changing face - surgeon reveals what she's REALLY had done

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Because charm is to Jenkins what air is to birds and water is to fish: it's the element in which she lives. And it's her knack for friendship that, earlier this year, at the height of the credit crisis, just might have saved Barclays Bank. And yet you've probably never heard of her. Because for all the celebrity accoutrements — the fabulous friends, the fabulous houses in Mayfair and Malibu, the fabulous parties she throws — she's not actually a celebrity. She's a former Bosnian refugee who escaped from Sarajevo at the start of the siege, came to London, worked tirelessly to send herself to university, married a man who went on to become the City's highest-paid banker, and is now pursuing Serbian war criminals via a "clinic for justice" that she founded at UCLA, and relieving poverty in Bosnia with a foundation named after her brother, who was shot dead by paramilitaries just eight days before the end of the war. As a life story, it sounds like something Barbara Taylor Bradford might have come up with, although even she might have toned down the narrative arc as being somewhat far-fetched. She was born Sanela Catic to a humble Bosnian family, but there's no doubt that Diana Jenkins is a classic romantic heroine: beautiful and bright, resourceful and determined, who rises above her background through sheer grit and force of will, and whose final apotheosis is achieved by a good marriage.

Lindsay Lohan: "Hot, Ready, and Legal!"

Editor's Note: Before the season, Bill Simmons wondered if there was any rhyme or reason to picking football games and raised the question, "could I pick football games better than someone who didn't know anything? She agreed, but only if he would give her space in each column to rant about any subject of her choice. Here are her rants from the season. This made me laugh because she lives at the Chateau Marmont and probably gets a facial and massage every other day.
Frightening thought. Ned how old do you sound with these comments? I always talk like this!
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